Remote Internship: A Great Start to a Professional Career

Remote Internship: A Great Start to a Professional Career

I started working at Genashtim as an intern recently and I can say that I am having such a cool and amazing experience. Unlike many other students who need to travel to get to their workplace, I just stay home comfortably and sit in front of my laptop, – all set to start my professional journey.  

As a person with a disability (low vision), working remotely saves me from many difficulties, specifically having to travel all the way to a physical office and having my lunch somewhere I am not familiar with. Therefore, remote work is convenient as it is time-optimizing, precious time is saved from having to dress-up properly and getting stuck in traffic, which enables me to enjoy more family time. Of course, it is cost-effective too. Overall, I find this new norm of working comfortable, flexible, and most importantly, inclusive. Beyond that, adapting to working remotely is not a big deal. In fact, I managed to adapt in just few days. I am definitely not surprised if more and more employers shift to remote or hybrid work in the future. I am looking forward to it as I can see many benefits compared to the drawbacks of working remotely.  

On the other hand, I do face some challenges with telecommuting, particularly in building strong relations with co-workers and maintaining work-life balance. First of all, even if we communicate through telecommunication tools, the opportunities for team members to interact are greatly reduced. Lack of face-to-face interaction like having lunch together does inhibit new employees from getting along with the team. 

Secondly, it is not easy to separate work and personal life as I have imagined. Unlike conventional work, we can always access the assigned task anytime from our laptop. So sometimes we tend to work overtime or continue working in the weekend just to complete these tasks. However, certain steps can be done to resolve these issues. Making oneself heard by speaking and asking questions are essential to facilitate interaction. By doing these, we show that we are interested in working together and getting involved in work-related matters which will further enable us to get along easily with the team. Organizing your schedule or making a To-Do list will also help in improving work-life balance by prioritizing important tasks.  

I had undertaken some initiatives to improve my remote work experience too. I had set up my workplace according to my preference so that I won’t be distracted by any discomfort or noises. I also prepared some snacks and sweets near my desk for quick breaks whenever I lose concentration or when I need to stay hydrated. To boost my productivity, I take short breaks occasionally to avoid over-exhaustion within the eight hours of working. I also take time to exercise at least twice a week to maintain a healthy and active mind.  

Being a remote worker is an awesome part of my life. I had just experienced a unique yet amazing onboarding programme during my first week and I was welcomed warmly by my colleagues even though we have not seen each other face-to-face. Everything is great and I am likewise happy to acquire skills on time management, self-discipline and motivational skills which might take a longer time to assimilate in an office environment. In the future, if I am given a choice between working remotely or in an office, without a doubt I will certainly go for remote work. 

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