Remote Work is the New Retirement Plan

Remote Work is the New Retirement Plan

It was expected that you retire once you reach the age of 65. After all, you’d paid your dues and it’s now your turn to relax and enjoy life. Time to spend with the grandkids, receive social security, and simply enjoy your well-earned retirement without the stress of a job. 

However, for many baby boomers, retiring is simply not an option. For a variety of reasons – whether financial, personal or even professional – an increasing number of retirees are looking to get off retirement and return to work.  

The good news is that retirees can now get into remote work and what’s even better about it is that it allows you to work on your own schedule. 

Why you should reconsider retirement when you can work from home: 

1.   It enables you to advance in your career 

Look, it’s taken you decades to reach to this position in your career, and now, you’re going to give it all up all of a sudden? Many senior workers have meticulously built a profession they enjoy and the prospect of abandoning it can be distressing. Having a flexible job whether part-time, freelance, or even remote work – enables senior workers to stay in the workforce while still enjoying their retirement. 

2.   You can still make money 

You’ve crunched the figures and discovered that you may not have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. Many baby boomers are in a pickle, but it’s one that can be fixed by working remotely. If your funds aren’t going to keep up with your daily living needs, remote work can help solve your financial problems. 

3.   It defies the popular belief that “everyone” retires at the age of 65 

Who says you have to give up everything you love, including your job, after you reach the magical age of 65 or possibly 67? It’s vital to realize that as a senior worker, you bring a lot to the table in terms of experience and skill. Still skeptical? Simply go to Netflix and watch “The Intern”. Don’t fall into the mental trap of assuming that everyone retires when they’re supposed to because, quite bluntly, they don’t. If you don’t want to, then work and life continues. 

4.   It may assist you in increasing your social security and other retirement-related income 

Working well into your retirement years will not only help you save money, but it can also help you receive more social security benefits. Keep in mind that the longer you hold on to exercise your social security, the larger your monthly pension will be.

5.   It’s hard to accept the idea of not working 

You enjoy the concept of working, whether you’ve stayed on the same career path or you’ve changed careers and held a variety of positions. Indeed, you can’t fathom your existence without some form of cerebral stimulation provided by employment. That’s a good thing because studies show that working can help prevent dementia and other age-related disorders from developing. And, while we’re on the subject of health, having remote work that provides insurance helps you to maintain continuous coverage. Because government aided healthcare only starts from the age of 65, so you may have to pay out of pocket should you retire earlier. 

If you’re thinking about working until you finally want to retire, here are several careers that might be a good fit for you as a senior worker: 

  • Part-Time Jobs: Physical Therapist; Sales Associate; Patient Representative; Program Coordinator; Administrative Assistant; Data Collection Coordinator; Research Assistant, etc. 
  • Freelance Jobs: Translator, Technical Writer; Copywriter; Event Planner; Marketing Manager; Researcher – Health Portfolio; Designer; Donor Recruiter. 
  • Full-Time Telecommuting Jobs: Bookkeeping Consultant; Software Consultant; Strategic Solution Architect; Senior Project – Program Manager; Recruitment Coordinator; Quality Assurance Analyst 

Having quality time to spend on your hobbies and interests during your retirement will help keep your brain working actively as you enjoy your activities every single day. And if you’re planning your retirement period as a remote worker, you can visit our website JEDI Jobs to find any employment vacancies that would suit you. Good luck! 

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