Bad Communication Skills – A Concern Both for Employers and Employees

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Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been able to get a job even when you are well-qualified? Your communication skills might be the culprit.

The results of the GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey Report have shown that for corporate recruiters, strong communication skills take priority over any other skills and in most cases, qualified candidates get rejected because they cannot speak and write clearly. Some recruiters may ask for a writing sample even before the interview to assess whether the candidate will be worth their time.

Garry Cosnett, a senior advisor at T. Rowe Price, helps the newly hired employees learn how to write more clearly and persuasively after being amazed by the imparity between candidates’ qualifications and writing skills. “These are people who all did the very best at the best schools, probably since preschool, but they really have not developed their writing skills to the degree that they would have to, to succeed in this organization.”, says Cosnett.

For these reasons, jobseekers may get confused about why they are rejected, even though they are qualified for the job post. The EPiC Business Writing course can help jobseekers overcome this problem. EPiC is distinguished from other self-study courses as after completion, you will get to practice what you have learned with the Cambridge Write & Improve writing evaluation platform and get personalized feedback from qualified writing coaches. You will also get to have 2 one-to-one online sessions with your coach to further discuss improvements in your writing.

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