How to Be a Successful Remote Working Mom

How to Be a Successful Remote Working Mom

Written by Yenny Siahaan – Content Writer (Language Department)

Prior to joining Genashtim, I was a traditional worker following a daily routine in a physical office. I spent a lot of time and effort commuting to work and then, the Covid-19 pandemic made the situation even worse. The transition from working in the office to working from home was not available in the previous company I worked for, so I had to report for work onsite every single day.

Consequently, burnout became a frequent occurrence in my daily work. As a worker, a wife, and a mother, I must perform all these three roles at the same time each day. I almost never had time to myself. I spent more than 18 hours a day working on my laptop. And I frequently get home late at night whenever my manager requires me to work away from the office. That is, until I decided to resign because I was tired of the routines, and so I took a break from the hustle and bustle of a demanding job.

After about half a year of rest, I completely recovered from burnout. With the help of my psychologist whom I consulted on a regular basis, I was completely ready to return to work. At this time, I was approached by Genashtim who offered a remote work position for me. I considered this a gift from God and an answer to the difficulties in balancing work and family life which I’ve had for many years.

At present, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a job that allows me to pursue my passion as a content writer while also allowing me to devote a significant amount of time to my son and family. I also have the freedom to spend as much time as I want on myself. Even on weekends, which I used to work previously, I can now completely enjoy two full days of rest.

Even though remote work appears to be simple, I am also a working mom who must manage my time wisely. And in this blog, I’d like to share some tips for being a successful remote working mommy:

  1. Create a fixed work time schedule

It will be easier for us to arrange other schedules if we have a fixed work schedule every day. For example, my working hours are from morning to afternoon, so my time with the family is in the evening. Sometimes, if I don’t have a meeting or urgent work tasks in the morning, I can take a break from work to accompany my child to online school; however, I must remain disciplined and return to work promptly afterwards.

02. Take a break and enjoy it

Every day, I am committed to taking a full hour for my lunch break. Lunch should be eaten without looking at a laptop or doing job reviews. This activity will temporarily divert my attention away from working from morning until noon, which allows me to return to work with a clearer mind. You will undoubtedly require time to enjoy your lunch break!

03. Designate a comfortable workspace

I usually do my remote work in my dedicated workspace, where people at home are not allowed to come and go as they want. I do this so that when I’m working, I can focus on my tasks and not become easily distracted. I train my son in the same way; he has his own study room. If you have a smaller room at home, you can ask your family not to bother you while you are “at work”. Whenever I get bored from working at home, I’ll just transfer to a coffee shop to enjoy a new ambience. Fresh ideas can sometimes emerge in a new environment.

04. Communicate with your team

Loneliness is a common thing when we become remote workers, and it is something I frequently experience. However, in order to work around this, I talk to my team remotely. Simply asking ‘how are you?’ or sharing amusing stickers on MS Teams can cheer you up and alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation. I can say that right now because I have a very supportive team. We have weekly coffee sessions to discuss how we’re all doing individually and choose topics of conversation to share, such as our favourite movies or songs.

By doing this, remote work feels real, and I feel like I am indeed part of a team. Yes, it’s just a chat, but I am assured that I have real human friends in the remote team.

05. Develop empathy and trust in the remote team

The most difficult thing I experienced at first was trusting and empathizing with my co-workers. Maybe it’s because I was used to working face-to-face previously, that whenever there’s a problem, I can immediately meet the person to discuss things. Everything feels different when working remotely; we talk through the screen. But by imagining that they are real in other parts of the world and that they are also human beings with busy lives like me, makes me more empathetic. The more they share their stories, the stronger the trust and empathy we develop for each other. Thus, we are able to face adversity as a team. The most important thing is to back each other up and to always remember that you are not alone!

06. Be honest with your remote team at all times

A working mom has its distractions, whether it’s a parents’ meeting or having to accompany your child to online school. So, it is essential to be honest with your team! Whatever activities you have outside of work that must be completed concurrently, communicate them to the team. This is something I always do to keep things running smoothly. Working as part of a remote team entails having the same goal in mind. When we are unable to complete the work and inform our team honestly, we will receive timely assistance from our colleagues. Never be afraid or hesitant to speak to your team.

07. Create a playlist of your favourite songs or music

There is silence in my workspace, so it tends to make me drowsy and lethargic at times. Listening to my favourite playlist lifts my mood and makes my job easier. You can also listen to podcasts that discuss positive things in life, which will be very beneficial.

08. Purchase useful work-related accessories

These can include things like comfortable chairs or desks. Investing in these items will help improve your performance. Sitting in a comfortable work chair will keep your back in good health, and you should have sufficient lighting in your workspace too. Your work mood can even be improved by using your favourite room air freshener. Small things, but they have a big impact on your work.

09. Breathe fresh air

Working indoors for long periods of time can lead to fatigue. It is essential to get out of the room on a regular basis to get some fresh air. Simply walking in front of the house, jogging for 30 minutes, or sitting on the terrace will help to relax the mind.

10. Give yourself a reward

Every month when I get my pay check, I always treat myself – whether it’s eating my favourite food, simply purchasing skincare, or purchasing clothes from my online shopping app. By rewarding ourselves, we show that we appreciate ourselves for working tirelessly every day. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

These are some tips and things I’ve been doing for about seven months now to help my performance as a remote working mom in Genashtim. I also consider myself extremely fortunate because Genashtim has taught me many valuable lessons, particularly in valuing time. I am able to work with and learn from the incredible people in this organization.

Genashtim also launched the ‘Take Some Policy’ this month, which allows all employees to take time off as needed. For me, it’s about the company’s trust in my ability to manage my time-off effectively. This gives me the impression that the company is concerned about their employees’ mental health. Thank you very much, Genashtim!

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